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Case study

Global Pharmaceutical Company

HVAC and equipment validation of a leading global pharmaceutical company

  • Environmental Validation

  • DOP HEPA Filter Integrity Testing

The details

Our role:

HVAC and Cleanroom Equipment Validation Contractor


Provide cleanroom HVAC validation, cleanroom environmental monitoring and temperature-controlled unit monitoring within cleanrooms located across the UK

Facility type:


Floor area:

0 m2

Contract value:



Enbloc were contacted to provide a quotation for managing and performing routine HVAC, environmental and temperature mapping validation across all three UK sites.

Working with the onsite validation department, Enbloc complete validation works within all of the cleanroom facilities in line with their shutdown schedule. These tests include; DOP filter integrity testing, HEPA filter changing, particle monitoring, temperature mapping, pressure differential measurement, supply volume and air change rate measurement and many more.

Enbloc perform each test in line with the clients pre-approved protocols reporting on any deviations or failures in results, and working together with the client’s on site maintenance engineers to rectify any issues, as soon as possible, to ensure minimal production downtime.

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