trespa furniture

Cleanroom furniture

Trespa furniture

We are able to offer an extensive range of cleanroom and laboratory furniture solutions to meet every requirement.

Our range of Trespa fixed and mobile benching, cupboards, worktops and shelving provide an extremely robust and durable finish that will withstand abrasive cleaning agents and everyday use equally effectively.

We will attend site and carry out a detailed survey of the facility and discuss the requirements to determine exactly what the Client requires. We then produce detailed plan and elevation drawings for client approval prior to manufacture.

stainless steel furniture

Stainless steel furniture

We also offer a wide range of Stainless Steel furniture.

We have a standard range that Client’s may select from, equally we can easily manufacture bespoke equipment to suit particular requirements, affording great flexibility.

pass through trolley hatches

Pass Through / Trolley Hatches

Enbloc provide some of the best pass through solutions available today.
Our preferred pass through’s are of stainless steel construction with an air tight seal and mechanical interlock suitable for use between pressurised areas.