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about enbloc

Who we are

Enbloc is a specialist contractor delivering high quality technical environments including cleanrooms, containment suites, and laboratories. Since the company was established in 2000, we have embodied the definition of Enbloc within our ethos by working collaboratively with our clients, and when required, always integrating seamlessly into the various project teams.

Operating within a diverse number of industry sectors, we pride ourselves in providing turnkey solutions to give our clients a consistent and cooperative experience.

Enbloc have continued to expand and are recognised as a key name in the sector. As part of the brands expansion, Enbloc Projects, based in Oxford, are supporting the ever-increasing demand for life sciences buildings in the marketplace and to establish a portfolio that includes large commercial laboratories and highly specialised M&E content projects.

experienced providers of cleanroom facilities

Analysis of your requirements

As experienced providers of cleanroom facilities the Enbloc team appreciates the unique nature of each Client’s requirement.

Enbloc follow quality procedures to establish the critical and non-critical project parameters early in the concept design process.

This speeds up the validation process through the project life cycle. Examples of the documentation that are produced include personnel, material, and product flow diagrams that graphically define the Client’s activities.

cleanroom design

Benefits of working with Enbloc

It is Enbloc’s mission to provide exceptional facilities for high tech industries, to maintain leading edge design, by investing in quality people and advanced technology.


Our clients enjoy key benefits from our unique service:-

  • We offer full, in-house Design, Engineering and Project Management capabilities
  • We carry out formal assessment of the user requirements
  • We have exceptional designers that offer innovative concepts
  • Our project managers are experienced in specialist construction methods to reduce project time-scales
  • We offer cost effective solutions with optimum capital and operating cost profiles
  • We prioritise safety compliance in design & build phases
  • Integrated validation/quality systems for assured regulatory compliance
  • We develop new techniques and products to improve technology