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Case study

NHS Blood & Transplant

Deep Clean of National Health Service Blood and Transplant Cleanrooms

  • Cleanroom

  • Cleanroom corridor

The details

Our role:

Deep Cleaning Contractors


Deep clean of 4 no. ISO 146441:2015 Classification 5 cleanrooms and associated change areas and corridor

Facility type:


Floor area:

0 m2

Contract value:




Enbloc were contacted by the cleanrooms head of department to carry out a full deep clean of 4no. cleanrooms, their associated change and materials air locks, the main corridor and the main change room.

The walls, floors and ceilings were cleaned using mop heads pre-saturated in Beta. The laminar flow cabinets, microbiological safety cabinets, laboratory benching and other process equipment were cleaned using IPA 70/30.

On completion of the deep clean, the client performed micro-biological validation and found the results to be “excellent”. The client is now looking at having Enbloc perform routine deep cleaning.

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