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Case study

GMP Dispensing Facility

Enbloc constructed GMP MHRA licensed Dispensary

  • Laboratory Furniture

  • In the laboaratory

The details

Our role:

Principle Contractor


M&E + Construction

Facility type:

Grade B/C Dispensing Suite

Floor area:

150 m2

Contract value:



8 months

Wyeth research required their existing laboratory to be refitted to provide a GMP Grade B dispensing suite at their Gosportsite. The works were coordinated with Wyeth to ensure that their existing facility could maintain full functionality throughout the construction.

The new suite integrated downflowbooths into the construction of the room to provide a Grade B laminar flow zone, preceded by Grade C change room and material airlocks. Fast acting roller doors were installed to the material airlocks. The roller doors were custom made for this project with addition features designed by Enblocto ensure that a negative pressure was maintained at all times.

Key Points :

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