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Cleanroom Construction

Enbloc provide turnkey cleanroom and laboratory design and build.  We have extensive experience implementing solutions for a variety of Clients within a range of environments including Healthcare, Semi Conductor, Injection Moulding, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Opthalmics.

We also are specialists in the design and construction of containment suites up to ACDP level 4.  Our proven methods ensure quality and service are inherent in every aspect of our projects.

We offer a range of solutions dependent upon our Clients requirement's, this flexibility ensures we can offer a cost effective option, no matter what size of facility is required.

Modular Wall & Ceiling Systems

These systems are ideal for generic fast track cleanrooms. Most of the modular systems offer flexibility for future alteration as they are demountable. Enbloc are not tied to one particular wall or ceiling system. We can select from a vast array of systems depending on the Client's classification and budget. We can offer extremely economical cleanrooms constructed from these systems.

Bespoke Cleanroom Solutions

For specialist situations including certain high classification rooms or containment suites Enbloc offer bespoke construction solutions.

We have experience in vinyl flooring and wall systems to create a seamless cleanroom cell.  An alternative seamless system we offer is Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), ideal for negative pressure containment rooms.

Portable Cleanrooms

Mobile cleanrooms offer smart, modern accommodation ideally suited to situations of limited space or short term requirement.

The internal design and fit-out can be tailored specifically to meet your exact needs; either pre-installed, therefore complete on delivery, or constructed on site.

Furthermore, we can extend our flexible approach by offering a hire purchase alternative, if appropriate, to the standard outright purchase.

Portable solutions are currently in place throughout U.K..

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